Dreadful cyclone, hard nights in life!

Houses I been used to live changed since I know. I clearly remember My family was lived in a small hut for 3 years. It’s doesn’t have had much space and not even enough for sleep 4 elders. My mother, father, sister and me. Sometimes unexpected relatives come, like snakes, scorpions, rats and ants almost … Read more

Little things made you most happy with small amount

I remember my mother or father gave me small amount that was 25 paise not more than that. I look for school long bell to buy outside foods on push carts. And more interesting point at this time is if incase we spent more time with the small food seller our transporter riksha wala will … Read more

How reasonable your take-up’s let’s have a look!

To gain money have many methods, someone gets with hard work, others paly with smart work and it is purely depend’s on what you take-up’s. Oh, definitely consider the kind of way people are chosen is right way in their thoughts. Here don’t think and do not look earning with criminal activities. Our spending and … Read more

First gain is boosting confidence and build willing

How will get First gain? What plans have we for first gain? Way of implementation for first gain? What your plans with first gain? First gain The day, People who are starts their earning in life is have more curiosity and full excitement with first gain. It is very common for all, but everyone have … Read more

e-school, physical classroom converted into virtual classroom!

Physical classroom, virtual classroom, black board, onscreen, written exams, online exams. Now a day’s education is taking a turn into online classes, classrooms get into virtual classes, blackboard replaced by digital screen and online examinations instead of written exams. Whatever the education, now it has taken into new phases. Once upon a time all the … Read more

In my journey village life vs city life!

Village life, it a beautiful place. Early morning wakeup bells from chirping of birds, making body with rejoices with fresh air, water drops from tree leaf’s caused mist on overnight, early morning milk wring from buffalos and collect the all milk from formers sold them in city by cycling. After that going to college, what … Read more

Planning options and part time availability

Now a day’s students thinking very smart, looking nice and thoughts are brad. Accordingly, with new thoughts must investigate on available chances . Create chances to improve to do more. Priority in sequence is always planning options, in this phase look for possibilities. And part time availability is most important, check are they available or … Read more