Transformations, creations of nature and organs born

As per the ancient Indian Puranas, from Garuda Purana the transformations and nature is having certain order of creation. There are mainly eight forms of nature creation was been done to create the nature. Here directly coming to sequence of creations for nature. Acknowledged superiority within a particular sphere (Greatness) Boothasarga means rupa, rasa, gandha, … Read more

How to talk with other freely, please follow this trick!

If we observer whenever two people speaking together, at that time they want to show themselves more. Like their position, status, interests and feels opponent is lowers than him, and few are not able to talk freely even other one move closely with him. To avoid such kind of thinking have to follow some guide … Read more

What can do with internet?

Internet was invented in early 1980’s, at that time that was used for sending the files from one computers to another one. Later in 1981 WWW was introduced by Tim Berners-Lee. There after internet has turned their ways a lot. Lot of changes has appeared, now a days without internet people has not wakeup. Everything … Read more