Dreadful cyclone, hard nights in life!

Houses I been used to live changed since I know. I clearly remember My family was lived in a small hut for 3 years. It’s doesn’t have had much space and not even enough for sleep 4 elders. My mother, father, sister and me. Sometimes unexpected relatives come, like snakes, scorpions, rats and ants almost our family members. Ants always shares space & food of us and stay in the little palace. My neighbors have houses with gutter tiles, that time those were richest. When rainy season starts almost same if we out or in. Until that season ends my house covers with plastic covers. If incase rain is bigger water flow in house, my parents take them out. One day the news hears in radio, we didn’t expect that creates a huge damage to our life’s.

Dreadful cyclone night

I joined in school, roughly I remember I am studying 1st class all sudden one night a big flood and dread cyclone made disappear our house. Not only ours, nearly five families were living that place all of us also lost houses, that night was very dreadful. Infront of us my house roof which made plam tree leaves and covers with dry grass flied on a big headwind. We were feared and shouted bigger, ran to neighbor’s house for shelter. That house as well badly damaged with winds almost same as my house. My father holds me, my mother holds my sister. All surroundings were gathered at one place and tightly hold each other ran out from houses to search strong house and hard shelter to save our life’s.  In our group my uncle told in near have new building constructed with concrete that should save us. As per his words all we move to that near building of others.

Hard night in others house

 By god grace we reached that house safely with small scratches. Those people are so kind, we requested them for shelter they did accept and started fire for heat on that cold.  Slowey down that cyclone severity, and as well that hard night. At morning we see the surrounds, it’s very horribleness. We walked to our house, we lost all, no foods, no buffalo’s, no dogs, no cloths, no chicks in our poultry form, all my father saved money get wet and scratched. All sides flood water, no proper ways to walk, on that water some animal bodies. We are hungry, almost for a day without food we spend. Next day my father brought some breads drop us on my parental aunt for 15 days. After all set my father take us to home.  That night all we stay there and take shelter good persons over the time. I remember still they are living in that place only, every time we are in that way wish them and tell thanks with my heart.

Later my grandfather invited his house,  and live over there almost 16 years. Initially he was hated my father for the reason of he did married low caste lady that was my mother. Grandfather did take us and accept us until we lost in cyclone. Nothing we have that time, have only cloths what we wear. Later my father worked hard and constructed one gutter tiles farm. On we raise moved to city and stay in good building. Those days were hard, my family faced. After that cyclone all changed in our state, government constructed houses for all who lost in floods. But not we favored, even though my father pushes those days hardly.

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