e-school, physical classroom converted into virtual classroom!

Physical classroom, virtual classroom, black board, onscreen, written exams, online exams.

Now a day’s education is taking a turn into online classes, classrooms get into virtual classes, blackboard replaced by digital screen and online examinations instead of written exams. Whatever the education, now it has taken into new phases. Once upon a time all the education was done in classrooms, class works over there, punishments for work not done students, physical games conduct by school. Where all these now, parents mind set changed, education is continuous practice up to employment education. But now it is in different forms, non-responsible schools and at the same time parents.

e-school: The game changer, it is okay for lower education but not for higher. Online exams ok for competitive not for common educations. Virtual classes are good for hard time not always. In my sense classroom is the best place to improve the children knowledge, there only students turn into future hopes. They did develop interpersonal skill when they mingle with other children, they did able to see many kinds of thoughts from all the students. Improve themselves with good manner, bring themselves to competence and using physical games they are healthy.

Physical classroom: It is the place to see the world, what learn what not to learn. In online classes at early education how they shall interact with other students. No way to spend time with fellow students, same time no moral values build. Interaction will be happened all time classroom, but not happened in online classes will happen only one to one (student with teacher only). Not sure student hearing and following the classes, where in classroom teacher will notice everything and set in right way if anybody not in attention.

Blackboard: It’s very clear to vision for all students in classroom, students have a chance to get in front of board and present and do of things. Always full interaction is happening with students, teacher and blackboard. That should improve students’ interest on classes. From online then never experienced as such kind of interaction. Things has been changed, classrooms started on open place, changed to under trees, changed to iron shelters, changed to concrete rooms and now virtual. Always good is interactive and personal caring classroom is better than any other. Always I enjoyed classroom lesions.

Written examinations: Written examination proves the student’s ability what they learned in whole semester or year. They have to prove them selves to writing all the learned things, as essay, as short, as long answers. In online examination that should not possible moreover proxy exams chances over there. So always to identify the student complete knowledge on subject level must have written examinations. In written exams students writes all questions with drawings if they have. But that have other possibilities as well.

Online exams: Online exams are very good for competitive and job oriented. Not for all study at primary, secondary board educations. Online exams having their promotive centers to conduct the exams, but written exams already classrooms available. No need of special rooms.

So always better interactive studies up to graduation, don’t go for the online classes for at primary level only. That causes confuse and non-confidence for the students. That too it creates for some uncertainty for the lower grade students like between 1 to 5 classes. Take care of kids and children educations more interactive, with more physical game to improve mental abilities and to learn morals on schools only.

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