Education is more important than earning at teenage

Jobs which I was did in middle of the education, as I told I was a milk boy at my teenage life, means I collect the milk in village and sold them in near tows with excess of 2 rupees. In summer I did worked in STD booths and for GAS agency. Mostly after completion of under graduation, being studying in graduation worked in telephone booths. After completion of graduation did worked for GAS agency for few months.

At the beginning I told, my educations all were done with struggles. Upto my school education I was in local medium language, when I was come to secondary board education joined in English medium. That has 2 years, in the first year I faced lot of problems to express myself in English, understand the concepts and especially in writing the notes in English. Until the results came, I was not realized it is too hard to study in English language. I keep 4 papers out of 6, my parents fully shunted. I continue 2nd year with backlogs of 4 papers. But I fully realized and keep my studies in track, I got good marks every weekly and monthly internal examinations.

Final examinations came, I was written good and passed with good score in 2nd year. But bad luck is I was not touched backlogs in exams, those were coming as not qualified. I wrote supplies and step out finally with 2nd grade marks. Here I have nearly 3 to 4 months of gap to join in graduation. In that time, I was joined in STD for 600 rupees salary for month. That time is generally summer, that too my town is near to seashore. Lot of heat and humidity. On small iron shed, customers will come to use the telephone and coin phones. I am collecting the money for used calls and handover at evening 7:00 PM all the collection. So for 3 to 4 months I did worked in telephone booth.

Then I joined in graduation in famous degree college in computers studies, same time my father requested me join into private college where education is good, I never heard his words. That also my bad step, I am better to hear his words, but I wasn’t. As result wasting of one year in education with backlogs again.

That college name is good, but it is under famous university along with all student parties. In the very first year college run for only 2 moths remaining all the days shut down with student strikes. Every day I cycled for 6 to 7 kilometers to reach college, but that is closed due to students strikes on silly reasons. As like that my first-year college run and as usual final examinations came and cleared all the papers in first year. And I am too much interested to participate in games and cultural activities, I did so in first year. Here is one thing very famous in college cultural activities, at the year end of every year conducting them and awarded the winners.

 In second year as usual, college run as like first year. No classes, no labs and no proper guidance. Before the examination studied and clearing the examination for 2nd year as well. Now the real game has started in 3rd year, college not running at that same time I was overlook in studies. That causes pending of 4 papers at final year again written the supplements and passed. After completion of graduation I joined in GAS distribution agency as an assistant for gas distribution in my village. Gathered the information from who wanted to change their gas connection into newly launched office from old and distribute the home LPG cylinders. I worked for almost 5 months and made that into good shape which started as startup.

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