how to file itr after due date, penalty for late filing of itr

How to file itr after due date, in general income tax department provides multiple extends on due date. Even though haven’t filed, will rejects the requests from taxpayers after due date. After multiple times extends the date of ITR filing, still there has an opportunity for a late or belated file. For late taxpayers there have a chance to file returns with penalty amounts. Penalty for late filing of itr is vary based on yearly income. It is different from small payers whose income is 5 lakhs, apart from penalty customer has supposed to pay interest on all due tax. So, after deadline to filing income tax returns have some additional charges plus interest would be charge for delayed taxpayers. Well, everything is fine and filed before the date, then check the income tax refund status online.

How to file itr after due date

Penalty for later filing of itr

 Yes, have an option for ITR after deadline as well. But have some additional charges and interest has been calculated for due. So, options are available in case of missed assessment year.

  1. How much penalty for late filing of itr?

    It’s depended upon income. There is no late fees for whose income is basic limit of 2.5 lakhs and age is under 60 years. who have more than 60 and in between 80 years they have the basic limit 3 lakhs?. Please check in below table, as per 2020 rates.
    Total income < 500000 is Rs. 1,000/-
    Total income > 500000 is Rs. 10,000/-

  2. How to reissue itr?

    update soon as per new portal navigations.

  3. Can I file ITR after last date?

    Yes, you can with penalty fee. That too have some extend only.

  4. What happens if ITR filed after due date?

    If ITR filed after due date as said above file with late fee and interest on due taxable amount.

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