How to talk with other freely, please follow this trick!

If we observer whenever two people speaking together, at that time they want to show themselves more. Like their position, status, interests and feels opponent is lowers than him, and few are not able to talk freely even other one move closely with him. To avoid such kind of thinking have to follow some guide lines, then after some time you observer yourself changes in your attitude.

Have to stop to telling yourself to others for few days, listen and focus what they are telling. Don’t stop them in mean while talking, carefully listen them until they finished their talks. Question them on interesting things to encouragingly, appreciate them on good manner. When you hear others words carefully then they can show interest on your company and talks and they come to understand you like r their personality of behavior. Tell about very briefly and try to get more details about them. To do so, in very less time build very good relationship in between you.

You can question them like what happened then? what you did?, You did great job? what are your hobbies? ask such kind of question while speaking. People who speaks more and unnecessarily they loss their values. So keep and deliver the words carefully, and you don’t tell them about your life style, let them take a chance to know you with your behavior and attitude then only your more respectable in the perspective.

Try to help if you’re really in a position to help, take influentially opportunity to clear problems. That improves confidence on you and they share more with you. Try to help the people, that definitely revert to you in other form. Opportunities are not same always, they change accordance of circumstances, so follow situation improve yourself.

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