In my journey village life vs city life!

Village life, it a beautiful place. Early morning wakeup bells from chirping of birds, making body with rejoices with fresh air, water drops from tree leaf’s caused mist on overnight, early morning milk wring from buffalos and collect the all milk from formers sold them in city by cycling. After that going to college, what a good experience had I have at that days. On holidays playing cricket, swimming in farming wells, in farming yields have plam trees, cut the plam fruits and enjoy the total days, after that checking for honey pots and take them for honey. No tensions about life, no worries about tomorrow and life is going with full of satisfaction. No words for that happiness, no measurement for that enjoyment. Like that moving life suddenly changed, due to some reason’s family moved to city. That moving to city caused many changes in my life, there I see the people who are in my age hurrying about earning lot of money, in education technical courses, doing many other things to earn.

Earning, completely changed my mindset, that grabbed out from enjoyment, rejoice, happiness. I am running for studies, hunting for job and grab for employment chances. What not everything has loss which I had on village and having one bond to village also lost because of sold the properties for possible reasons, to avoid interest on credits. However, now I am looking for to get that life, to buy that kind of properties, to make my life again in village. But before that I have to complete some responsibilities, once they done, I would like to plan my life back to village life.

City Life, well I already told about me now I am living in one of the topmost cities in the world, and in India. Here no bird chirpings, no fresh air not natural happiness for relaxations we go for the bar as a team, for games went for bowling all artificial no comparison with natural. But some thing is better than nothing, so adjust with available. Here for swimming have to pay thousands of rupees, for freely available fruits like guava, plat fruit, regi berry, berry, custard apple…etc purchase with spending of hundreds of rupees, very bad thing is always we had drunk fresh water from well in village, now in city 20 liters can with cost of 30 Rs/-. Village life is not having artificial colors at the same time city life is with lot of artificial colors, have good neighbors for sharing works at the same time not even good speaks with neighbors in city. Simple walk is enough for take daily needs, at the same time at least bike is necessary for small things.

I remember I used to sleep most of the days at open side with one small cot near or under the cot my dogs will sleep always, no fans no air conditioners, with nature air happily and continues good a sleep of at least 8 hours in village life. In city life most of the day’s used fans and AC’s for sleep, but not continue with 8 hours. Lot of noisy, plenty of carbon mixed air, lot s of dust this is city life. I wondered when I am first time reached to city, no bird I see, not many trees, no dogs on roads, no wells, no sun light in rooms always dark, people are hurry with their walks to catch transport to reach work places, with their bikes and cars. No one having and have relax, everyone hurries. I worried might be I become as like this… will continue with another article. Have a good day!

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