Income tax new portal features,

New income tax e-filing website is going to be launched on 7th July 2021. It is coming up with new features to fill the ITR-1 and ITR 2 forms. Income tax new portal comes with update new technology and seamless use experience for the taxpayers. Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is going to launching new e-filing link income taxpayers. And it is available from 7th of July 2021 at 9:00 am as per the announcements. As per the income ta department when launching of new ITR e-filing portal, they are providing uploading of forms ITR 1, 2 for free of cost.

e filing link

The new Income tax ITR e-filing portal or website is

ITR 1, ITR2 and ITR 4 forms e-filing process step by step

To fill the ITR forms Income tax depart is launching one advanced software portal. which has improves to work as interactive mode with taxpayers based selected questions. This availability is providing as free of cost, Forms ITR 1 and 4 works as both online and offline, ITR 2 offline. whereas other forms 3,5,6 & 7 might be available soon later. For new e filing registrations options may have changed.

Income tax new portal features:

  1. Developed as user friendly, offering many new features.
  2. Incorporated with interactive software that helps users hassle free Income tax returns preparation.
  3. Assisting with call center, that will help taxpayers.
  4. CBDT has announced mobile app is also launching.
  5. Comes with the ability to provide their details proactively, as like salary income, house property and business details which will be comes pre-filing their ITR.

Navigating the new income tax website or e-filing link

Portal comes with all new features and look. having good navigation, easily understandable.

–>Has been built on the speed, accuracy, convenience and usability. Feature which can access free login.

-> On top will found persona-based help content which contains available options under each section.

–> Help line is available for guided assistance.

–> Once you complete profile, will get Timely communications from the portal.

–> All new mobile app is available to help you avail in various tax related queries on the go.

–> Chat bot will help to guide, On site right corner have Chat Bot for quick help from support.

–> Link Aadhaar, have tab to link Aadhaar card.

–> Pre-validate bank account, using this option add your bank account prior and validate.

–> Opt for e- filling vault for high security, new option has offering to secure e fillings.

–> Act on pending actions, if incase have any pending actions will takes action.

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