India lockdown 4.0 guidelines and relaxation news

Covid#19 pandemic affecting still on Indian’s as dreadfully. In this situation Prime Minister Modi has announced lockdown extending up to May 31st 2020. In extending of the lockdown 4.0, he is being guided and given few relaxations for all kind of business. Though people have to strictly follow the lockdown 4.0 guideline as given below all. Based on effected and count of positive cases of Corona areas has been categorized as red, green and orange zones, however hopefully all are have good knowledge about these zones.    

Lockdown 4.0 Guidelines:

Most probably rules and relaxations, guide lines can be changed from state to state. Lock down 4.0 date has extended to 31st May 2020. Below all the guide lines have to be followed by every state governments and modify according to corona cases growth rate. Lockdown 4 guidelines list as below.

1. Transportation of buses, cabs and auto rickshaws could allow in inter-state decision will takes by state governments.

2. Saloons and spas center can open.

3. Gathering for political meetings, religious functions other parties are prohibited.

4. On line e-commerce portals will deliver essential and non essentials item.

5. Shops can open except in shopping malls and containment zones.

6. can’t gather more than 50 people for  Marriages, 20 people for funerals.  

7. Schools, colleges and educational institutions remains to close.

8. Children below 10 years, pregnant women and venerable people at the age of 65 and more remain at home.

Guidelines on lockdown 4 as in below table

Air-travel and metroNoNoNoNo
Special TrainsYesYesYesNo
2 wheeler1 + 11 + 11 + 1No
4 wheeler1 + 21 + 21 + 2No
Auto1 + 11 + 11 + 1No
Inter-state transport buses, cabs…YesYesYesNo
Education InstitutionsNoNoNoNo
Hotels, restaurants, cinema halls & GymsNoNoNoNo
Large gathering and places of worshipNoNoNoNo
Liquor, Cigarettes & pan shopsYesYesYesNo
Barber and SpaYesYesYesNo
E-commerce essentials and non essentialsYesYesYesNo
Courier, postal and goods trafficYesYesYesNo
Private and Government sectorsYesYes33%No

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