Life made us stronger and educate with failures, failure is kind of success!

I don’t remember when I was cried first, perhaps my parents know about that. Coming to my parents they were friends before, lovers after then married couple. Simply My father side did not accept the marriage because of mother caste. Even though my father doesn’t care of his father word’s and get married. Coming to my mother side, grandfather native place is Chennai-Banglore border. He is having one elder brother they belong to brahmins family, they praise god Bhasveswaran.

Coming to my grand father he left the Chennai at the age of 20 and settle down in Andhra Pradesh Kavali with small hotel business. After got married and blessed with 6 children’s in that 4 are boys and other girls. One is my mother in that girls, as on prior discussion she gets married at age of17 early with my father. Till now so nice of their journey become as whole of responsibilities, now the time to take some rest.

Failure is kind of success: Comes to my side, lot of failures in my growing at education. Everywhere I failed, after some years ran, I came to know those failures build my willing power and created strong thinks whereas very week and sensitive mind. Now I considered, which all looked me as failed man being as grown. Those were not failures, those were success factors in my journey. Now I say, “Every failure made me stronger, I feel failures are lessons which makes you more knowledgeable”.

Education: After lots of failures: in education that real part of life came, that is have to prove as a man. Don’t think I am looking for girl. In India one proverb is there, “Should work to earn, that proves you’re a Man”. Came to city, all new things, new life, learning paths & many boys came to one place to prove them as MAN. In hand little money, no confidence to attend interviews. Here I learned another life lesson where fearing to face interviews. I am not trying to face interviews with low communication and presentation skills.

Job Time: Finally I got a good job with reference of one good person, but my fate mocking me there as well. As a trainee I trained in good hands, but at the time of deployment I went my favorite place. First day I met my colleagues in mini server room in lot of heat making room. Generally, area is too good at evening times but during the day it is too hot.

Coming to my higher officials  are different kind of mentality, associates are good. Where middle higher level of two one is hard worker and other is cool minded. Coming to Boss, he is like little angry always, proud behave and disciplined. I was running month by month no salary credited for two and half months. After that I got my first salary, some unsatisfied moment when I saw the total. Because I spent huge amount for my Post graduation, and my salary not part of 3% in that. Like that I started my career….. will be met in next article. Keep safe and healthy.  

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