Little things made you most happy with small amount

I remember my mother or father gave me small amount that was 25 paise not more than that. I look for school long bell to buy outside foods on push carts. And more interesting point at this time is if incase we spent more time with the small food seller our transporter riksha wala will leave us or scold us bigger. How he knows about our enjoy with those little things. In my life I felt that feeling after that, that time we are hero’s, or we felt as like have wings and flying or those things only have us doesn’t have other people. Most funniest and whole life remembering part is learning cycle, almost all were crazy on to learn how to cycling.

As child even small amounts creates more hippieness

What little things buy with small amount …?

I have good memories on my childhood, good friends of course in small age all were decent, isn’t it? Almost the friends collect the money in the morning when they coming to school from parents and used that for take ice-creams, ice fruits, chocolates, or some other fruits like cherries fruits, berries or sweets like cotton candy (peechu mitai).  We were trying to buy things different for day to day with that little money. Not only eatables, for others we save money and take-up them what we need at that age. So, enjoyment, lot of talks exchange between us in rikshaw while eating and playing with purchased. On next day, the discussion continues about yesterday’s eatables or tools or anything we did utilized that small capitals.

 Small amount from mother savings ….?

I remembered everyday my mother gave 25 paise for both of me and my sister. If incase my mother doesn’t have money that day’s we did a big war with mom, it’s very funny moments. But my mom prepared anything we returns to home on evening. I am always feared to talk and ask anything to my father, he is anger’s every time when I talk with him at same time with my sister he speaks well. That makes me some nerves, insecure and guilty feeling. That far reduced on growing slowly, to teenage. However, below 12 age is a memorable, never back days, very clear love between friends as like one for another, all things sharing is more important in this age. Those days lovable, those days have all pure love, emotions and naughty moments.

In school, in house and in play area everywhere kid’s doings are very prank. Parents and elders have lot of fun with them, If parents getting serious they will cool them with their improper words. Offer them for small counts, they felt you are the hero of them, in-case we give them eatables you are like god’s. In early days all infants and kids having soft mind set, they treat all as same. They shouldn’t have bad feelings on others, if any other says as they bad then only they though those were bad. So, consider kids are equal to god’s, almost they never try to say lies. And I forgot to mention about earlier discussed point, that is cycling. Yes, it’s almost first learning skill of transits at the age of 6 and 7. With that small amount given by father or mother, take cycle for rent for one hour to learn cycling. Falling while cycling on rented cycle, cycle owner who given for rent was shouted on us. All little things are very funniest and remembers. When we sit lonely at the age of 60’s or 70’s these memories only best partners which had done with small amount.

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