LLR slot booking, online LLR test questions

LLR slot booking, is available at all states transport portal. To get the driving license have to attend multiple phases of driving test. In first phase transport department will conduct an online LLR test for the candidate who booked LLR slot booking. Who cleared that online LLR test they will awarded initially learners license (LLR). Validity of LLR is only for 6 months, after one month of learner’s license obtained, eligible to apply driving test. Driving test has to be cleared under motor vehicle inspector, if incase failed in driving test then have to apply some period of time. (Look here for Slot booking for driving license)


Online LLR test

Online LLR test will be conducts on RTA office on slot booked date. Prior to get the driving license for 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers, heavy weight and light weight driving license need to pass the LLR exam. Examination contains 20 questions, to pass the exam need to answer at least 16 questions in 20 mins duration (tentatively changed state wise) questions. If incase of candidate has disqualified in the first attempt there 2 more attempts have available. Re-apply for after 15 days on same application but have to pay the reexamination / re-test fee. To attempt the exam again need to wait for 15 days after first time disqualified.

  1. How many questions having in LLR test?

    LLR Test is having 20 Questions.

  2. What is the time duration for LLR Test?

    Exam time is 20 minutes; candidate must complete the test in given time duration only.

  3. What is the language for LLR Test? How many languages are available?

    LLR test is available in Hindi and English, and also available all reginal languages. On the examination day, at the time of filling details candidate need to choose the desired language.

  4. How many attempts have in LLR exam?

    Have 3 attempts for llr examination in case of disqualify.

  5. LLR Test Questions?

    Will be update soon.

  6. LLR Test traffic Signals?

    Traffic signals must follow when you driving on roads.
    Traffic signal questions

  7. How to check llr slot availability in AP (Andhra Pradesh)?

    Candidate have to go https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org/ online URL.
    Select License drop down tab -> DL/LLR slot Availability.
    Then Slot(s) Availability page will appear.
    Choose Service type, District and select test center.
    It displays available dates in your Unit RTA, MVI and UNIT Office regions.
    Choose your available dates.

  8. LLR slot booking in TS?

    TS LLR slot availability dates, driving license slot booking, driving license exam traffic signs and questions.
    LLR slot booking in TS. To get learners license registration, applicant has to book the availability date in tgtransport.net official website. And, in the other way candidate can book the slot from RTO office of their region.

  9. How to download llr copy in online ap?

    For download LLR copy from online go to https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org/#!/appstatus website, Once login to the website, we can able to see 2 options over there.
    1. With application number
    2. With out application number

    Have application number available, then select the With application number option.
    Incase application number is not available then select without application number option.

    Provide the requested details then download the llr copy.

  10. What are the questions asked in llr test?

    LLR test questions asked in below syllabus/points

    1. Traffic rules & regulations, signals, signs.
    2. Driving rules and regulations while driving on road.
    3. What are the speed limits during the driving on different type of roads & bridges.
    4. What kind of precautions has to take on railway cross lines, school zones, pedestrian crossing roads…etc.

  11. What is the age limit for driving license in India?

    Candidate who applying for driving license for without gears vehicle, should have 16 years.
    Who applying for driving license with gears vehicle, they should have 18 years.

  12. What is the minimum educational qualification for driving license in India?

    There no educational qualification required for non-transport vehicles like two wheeler, car.
    To get the driving license for transport vehicles like bus, goods vehicles, taxis, that the candidate should have minimal educational qualification of 8th class pass.

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