LLR test questions traffic rules sign drawing

Traffic sign drawing, Online LLR test questions, Learners License Registration MOCK test or LLR TEST Practice exam (Will be provide soon)

Road traffic Signals drawings: Which guide us on roads on long journeys, without following traffic rules will be punished and could be caused accidents. Drivers who started their career in driving field as a newer, before going to on road have to learn from traffic sign drawing boards, they are instructing on roads or high ways, then only travel can do happy otherwise lot many problems will be faced. So better to follow the traffic rules and instructions by RTA, and to get the Learners License Registration and driving license we need to book LLR slot on available dates schedule the Learners License Registration or driving test.

Traffic sign drawings for LLR Test Questions:

Signsign representing
compulsory turn left
give way
U-turn prohibited
pedestrian crossing
parking at right side allowed
right turn prohibited
Horn prohibited
narrow bridge ahead
first aid post
resting place
end of speed restrictions
narrow ahead
level crossing unguarded
overtaking prohibited
cross road
side road left
sound horn compulsory
compulsory turn right
no parking
one way
no entry for cars and motor cycles
trucks prohibited
bull cart prohibited
pedestrians prohibited
This represents left turn prohibited
Drive the vehicle not exceeding at 50 km/hr
No entry for vehicles having more than 2 meters width
Entry for vehicles having height not exceeding 3.5 meters
no stopping or standing
Ahead only
Compulsory ahead or turn left
Compulsory keep left
Right hand curve
Left hand curve
No entry
Right hair pin bend
Right reverse bend
Left reverse bend
Side road right
Major Road ahead
Round about
Dangerous dip
Guarded level cross
Y-inter section left
Y-inter section right
Compulsory go ahead or turn to right
Slippery road
Loose gravel
Cycle crossing
Possibility of cattle on road
School ahead
Men at work
Falling rocks
Steep ascend
Steep descend
Road widens ahead
Gap in median
Hump or rough road
Barrier ahead
No thorough side road
No thorough road
Parking both sides of this sign
Parking lot – scooters and motor cycles
Parking lot – Cars
Parking lot – Autorikshaws
Intends to turn right
Intends to turn left
Intends to turn right
Order to stop the vehicle from behind
Order to stop the vehicle from behind and front
Order to stop the vehicle from front
Intends to slow down the vehicle
Axle weight limit, up to 6 tons
Left hair pin bend

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