Relation with living lands, sold out them to clear responsibilities!

Almost all my childhood completed in my beautiful village. We have one poultry farm, with the capacity of 300 birds. All types of birds we have like countryside hens and roosters, broiler birds for food processing.  Along with them other breeds also raise and for security purpose have altogether 7 dogs. Pigeons are common, nearly 20 we have. Cats, 2 cats we raised for upto 10 years and cattle sheds. So beautiful surroundings, at evening times will take chit chats outside on cots. As a fencing plam trees have in front side of house. That beautiful days were gone one by one while we are growing, those almost forgot with time. So sad it was once they are remembering, how beautiful yields we have in our premises.

Every Sunday I went to our chicken stall to help my father on work. Entire day have to work for and satisfy all the customers. At evening time go to get grass for cows & buffaloes from yields. Working closely with nature is giving full satisfaction. Down to canals route to our yields, catching the fishes and prawns have making lot of fun. On yields embankment have lot of trees in different, collecting all the fruit and share with family members. All these activities is part of life of us in village, no fearing about tomorrow what will happen and what can we do. But in part of responsibilities, for studies of us and to complete other major responsibilities sold that place and all what we have. That day I never forget, I cried a lot for sold my place I feel as like lost all, lot of pain to leave that place. Many number of days that in pursuit in sleeps.

But in front of responsibilities, indefectible situations were sold to clear credits. Here the major point is, why we have credits? We faced lot of failures in poultry farming, birds are getting ill and died frequently. To buy the chicks for new batch need to go for credits, on that credit’s interests increased. After all these hard situations, father made a wild decision to sell that land to clear credits. My father felt very sad and cried in front of that place many times. Conditions come together, to avoid that we have only option was selling, so he did. He feels that is not big deal to clear those. Nevertheless, me and my sister completed higher educations, my sister got married into good family. Me also got married with my mother-in-law’s daughter, we also good with the blessings of my parents.

For good things, we do always scarify some things. In my life my parents sacrifice their loved land, lived land for the sake of us. It’s hard to digest that is the fact, whole life they did worked for us. In this entire cycle first person is my grandfather. He was a good businessman and trader. He had a hotel business in near town and have good name in this business. Before that he worked in mess for college, many numbers of students like his food items. This was old story in early 1980’s, he is famous food maker in entire that town especially in non-veg items. Under him many people were worked, with that earnings he purchased the land of acer in near village. In that place he was given some part to my father to live and farming. This also caused very sad to my father to sold out, because that land was gifted by his father. On remember of my grandfather, he has some other part of land. Kept that to remember old days.

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