Transformations, creations of nature and organs born

As per the ancient Indian Puranas, from Garuda Purana the transformations and nature is having certain order of creation. There are mainly eight forms of nature creation was been done to create the nature. Here directly coming to sequence of creations for nature.

  1. Acknowledged superiority within a particular sphere (Greatness)
  2. Boothasarga means rupa, rasa, gandha, sparsa, sabdhamulu because of these only panchaboothas air, fire, earth, water and sky was created.
  3. Aindrikasarga or vaikarikasarga or prakuthika or budhidasa means in this jnanendriyalu and karmendriyalu was created.
  4. Mukyasarga: Hills and trees are having main role in human’s life.
  5. Tiryaksarga: In this part mainly animals and birds were created.
  6. In sixth sarga gods was created, this is called as voordhva sthotra.
  7. In seventh sarga humans was created, this is called as aarvak sthotra.
  8. Anugraha namaka sarga, this also called as sathwika sarga.

When creation of the nature from Bramha first manasaputrulu created, after Deva, asura, pitru and manushya chathushyam created.

As said above nature creates creatures as of last life karma’s. Based on past life karma nature (God) will decide to ensure what kind of born is better. So, remember nature is watching your activities on every organism’s life, everything being record on present life and the present life doing’s will decide how you birth on next born. Doing good things, show mercy on all creatures, helping to others on your limits (yes, here for every organ has certain limits, below the limits only has to help)  and praying & believe in god are the ways to build good karma (is like a bank balance for next life/born).

So not only in India, all over the world many ancient histories are there like Egypt , America, Chinese and others. Even now as well few histories out in archeology researches all over the world. The good thing from histories many, to know how the civilizations lived in earth at that times. How the world transformed to new technical world, how the interactions between the places at that time and now. How trades were done at that time, well now a days trades from connected lines and air signals only from internet.

From all ancient civilizations and their life styles are not forwarded to later generations. That is causing main excitement and creating many theories from different discovers. According to this no civilization is not permanent in entire worlds, in certain period that must be vanished and creates new. But the thing in front of present world civilization how we forward our findings, and transformations , theories to next is more important. According to world being transforms by nature and founded histories one civilizations will ended one day. At the same time few civilization still continues since they born before BC’s.

Now back to nature transformations, the real cause is to collapse everything by nature itself is humans. For their sake they will do anything, not even leaves animals, birds, aquatics, trees, lands and air. Polluting all those for despicable needs, it not good all. Air polluting by smokes releasing by factories. Water polluting by chemicals, animals are killing by humans. Have decrease all un natural activities, save all creatures in the world created by god then only world will be good.

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