What can do with internet?

Internet was invented in early 1980’s, at that time that was used for sending the files from one computers to another one. Later in 1981 WWW was introduced by Tim Berners-Lee. There after internet has turned their ways a lot. Lot of changes has appeared, now a days without internet people has not wakeup. Everything merged with the internet, how it involves in human life’s can’t able to expect. One can’t find their eatables without online network.

Without using network connection now days no work move forward. Most probably in every area like business, education, finance, mobile , transportation all areas needs interconnectivity using software applications. So to live as humans now definitely we need all of the network related programs, without them humans are can’t live in earth.

To send the messages immediately in all over the world use media applications, with in the fraction of seconds messages and mails will send. All most the technical and traditional works has to be learn from the over the internet.  On this job opportunities also available in lakhs. Every one has connected to the world by using internet only, anyone can has to brought their thoughts to the external world using net.

Internet is nothing but connections between the machines to each other. In that connection we see multiple networks infrared, wifi, bluethooth, fiber and broadband such kind of networks available now. Infrared and Bluetooth network are small range, broadband and wifi are high range networks. This net has divided into other 2 public and private, public network belongs to outer side world and private network is maintained by domain level.

Using www network lot of ecommerce businesses are started, now a days ecommerce business grows upto the sky. It is widely using business technique, whatever you need that can order online then it comes automatically.

Google: Is one of the most informative, provides opportunities for self employment there is no end to stop to say about google. Now a days people even doesn’t know about their histories or their relatives or what ever but they have good idea on Google. Google is providing all most everything to all what exactly mother do’s for children, like father cares of family. It created a platform to live for all unemployed people utilizing their tools like search engine, youtube, mailing and many others. One of most beauty is it provides in all languages from all over the world.

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